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Reducing Landlord's burden of handling properties using Property Management Web App

Role: React Developer
United Kingdom
Services Provided
Front-end Development
Real Estate
Tech Stack
Javascript, React, Redux, Redux Saga, React Bootstrap, Stripe


Being a landlord is hard, especially when you got multiple properties to handle. All the necessary information is spread into ten different apps, like paperwork being stored in some cloud storage app, conversations with tenants and contractors present in some chat app, payments being in some bank app, rent reminders, and follow-ups being in some calendar app. Having to handle so many applications can take up so much of one's time and efforts. A solution was needed to reduce this clutter and bring all these tasks under one super application to satisfy all the needs of all stakeholders involved with a given property.


The project began with meetings with various stakeholders to get a better understanding of the project. The platform was supposed to allow 3 different types of users (Landlord, Tenants, and Contractors) to register and the services were to be customized for every type of user to best suit their needs. After getting a better understanding of the project, we proceeded further to review the designs which were then created by the Client's In-House UI designer. After reviewing the designs a better visual idea of the project was there with us. In my team, we had a couple of React Developers (including me), a couple of backend developers, and a project manager. We proceeded further with planning and selecting the most appropriate technology that could suit the requirement of the client. After a thorough round of discussion, for the front-end part, we decided to proceed with the react-boilerplate as a React starter because the project was full of features, so scalability was to be kept in mind. Stripe was the client's payment service of choice which was integrated for all the payment operations of the web app. The project had requirements for various custom components which were to be built from scratch like Calendar Component, Chat Component, and features like Push Notifications, Rent Payments, etc. Throughout the development process, Agile Development was followed by having sprints of a couple of weeks and utilizing tools like Jira and Basecamp. On successful completion of development, The code was verified by the Client's Development Team and after some suggested changes, the code was later pushed to production.


The MVP version of the website was released in May 2020. It helped in getting more investors on board for the project. Production release of Version 2.0 of the application was done on February 2021. It had new features and a better user experience making the platform even more easy to use.


UX/UI Designer
Elisa Fiorenzani
UX/UI Designer - Condexo
It was a pleasure to work with Parmeet, an honest and reliable Dev!
Project Manager
Neha Kapur
Project Manager - Classic Informatics
I really enjoyed working with Parmeet. Highly recommended for React-based web development projects with the rich user interfaces. He is eager to learn and improve in all areas. He has excellent communication and technical skills. He is hard-working, ensures deadlines are duly met, and never compromises with product quality.
Senior Associate
Naveen Dharni
Senior Associate - Classic Informatics
Parmeet is an excellent developer and a great friend, he is really good in React and has been a real gem to our last company. His technical skills are impressive as per his experience. He always makes sure to meet all the deadlines within a given time frame & with the top standards. He is hardworking & dedicated in his work. It is a pleasure and honor to recommend Parmeet to anyone who wants to hire him.
Full Stack Developer
Sunny Tyagi
Full Stack Developer - Classic Informatics
Parmeet is a good and technical sound is his work. I worked with him on 2 projects and he developed the project proficiently on frontend and backend. I hope to get work opportunities with him in future so we can connect the world together for the betterment.

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