Harmindra International

Establishing online identity for a Manufacturing firm of India through Product Catalog website

Role: React Developer, UI/UX Designer, Copywriter
Harmindra International
Services Provided
Front-End Development, UI/UX Design, Copywriting, CMS
Tech Stack
TypeScript, Gatsby (React), Material UI, Contentful CMS, Figma


Harmindra international is a renowned manufacturer in India, most of their clients are from within India only. Now They wanted to expand and sell beyond national boundaries. But they found it hard to market and sell their products since they had no online identity as of now. Also, they wanted the ability to perform operations like adding a product, removing a product, changing a product, etc in a no-code manner.

Planning & Competition Analysis

The project began with meetings with the management of the company to get a better understanding of their project, their industry, their target audience, and their competition. Once I had the necessary information, I went to analyze the competition's website and learn about the strategies they were implementing.


The copy of the website was created to ensure the right words were put into the place, To create a perfect balance of SEO and favorable content for the website's audience.

Product Photography

Images can make or break the look and feel of the website. Unfortunately, The images provided by the client were not of good quality. So I went ahead with clicking and editing images of the products.


Contentful CMS was used for storing all the products and categories, allowing the client to easily edit and update data.

UI/UX Design

As per the client's input and our research, the target audience of the website was mostly middle-aged people. Hence I went ahead with designing a minimal-looking UI for the website. The primary color of the website was kept to be blue as compared to yellow by most of the competitors since yellow would have been a little too harsh for our target audience's eyes. Most of the target audience used mobile devices to access the internet, so a mobile-first approach was followed in the designs.


Gatsby was chosen as the front-end framework since the speed of the website was the client's highest priority. Gatsby's Official Starter was used as the boilerplate code for React to keep the codebase as light as possible and packages as the demand arises. Using Typescript for creating components ensures more robust and reliable code. The forms in the website used the power of Netlify Forms & React Hook Forms for accepting inputs. Zustand and Immer were used for state management needs.


The website was released for a beta testing program initially and after clients were happy with the outcome, it was pushed to the production server and the result was a blazing fast website that made sure no lead was missed due to that never-ending loader on the screen. Google Analytics was installed in the web application which helped them greatly as they were able to have an even better idea of their target audience and the products they view the most, Thus helping them target better and increase their sales.


CEO & Co-Founder
Davinder Singh
CEO & Co-Founder - Harmindra International
It was our pleasure to work with Parmeet. He worked on creating the online identity of our business. He got not just the development of the website done but got the copywriting and product photography work done as well. The website created by him is fast and responsive. It has helped us land many new international clients and increase our sales by a whopping 25%. I would strongly recommend hiring him.

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